If you’re considering electrical upgrades for your home, don’t forget about your outdoor spaces. Gardens can be transformed with new lighting, whether it’s adding some simple terrace lights or having a complete overhaul. Luckily, there’s a myriad of garden lighting options available, creating beautiful schemes and inviting spaces.

Before you take the plunge and start designing your outdoor lighting, read our top tips for success.

Is outdoor lighting worth it?

Outdoor lighting comes with a plethora of benefits, increasing the aesthetical appeal, comfort and safety of your property. It can deter potential intruders while giving you extra time in your green spaces during dark evenings. From pathways and steps to entryways and water features, you can get creative and add lights in unexpected places to create a magical night garden.

How do you light a dark garden?

If you want to spend evenings outside in your garden but it’s currently too dark, you can completely transform the area with some well-placed lights. This includes garden step lighting, flower bed uplighters and climbing plant fairy lights. It’s also a good idea to have high-quality lights secured to walls in the spaces you spend the most time in, such as your patio or terrace.

What are the best types of outdoor lighting?

The best types of outdoor lighting for your garden will depend on your aims. If safety is a priority, you may want to illuminate dark spots and entrances with flood lights. However, if a garden transformation is on your wish list, the best outdoor lights include uplighting and downlighting for dramatic effect, walkway lighting and accent lighting in spots like ponds and ornamental features. One of the most popular options is LED lighting, lasting longer than many other types of bulbs.

What are the outdoor lighting trends for 2023?

There are lots of great 2023 lighting trends that look set to stay. This includes lights for garden zoning, dividing your space into fantastic spots for different uses. For example, you can illuminate a garden dining area with soft overhead lighting or paths and borders with uplighters. With the rise in working from home, more people are relandscaping their gardens since we spend more time in them than ever, so you can really tailor the lighting design to needs.

How to design an outdoor lighting system?

Designing the perfect outdoor lighting design takes an expert eye. You’ll need to think about the garden areas you want to light, choose the right products for the desired effect and understand how the power supply will be installed. Therefore, hire an expert lighting installer to help with the design.

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