Whether you’re conducting electrical repairs for a house sale or designing a new kitchen extension, optimising your home’s power supply is a must for modern living. Home renovations take a lot of planning, from choosing your décor and layout changes to upgrading functional elements like lighting and power sockets.

You can also use the project to maximise the potential of your home and update old electrical fittings. Revamping your electrical system can bring its safety standards up to the mark while improving your home’s functionality.

Here are some great ideas for electrical upgrades for home renovations.

Wiring upgrades

If you’ve bought an older property and want to ensure the electrics meet increased demands, a property rewire should be considered. By working closely with a professional electrical contractor, you can design the rewire to create more functional spaces. For example, some traditional properties may only have one or two sockets in well-used rooms. A rewire helps your electrics meet the latest standards, including consumer unit upgrades.

Sockets & switches

All home renovation projects should consider how power sockets and light switches can create practical spaces that enhance the intended use of each room. For example, in a new kitchen extension, where will your appliances be placed? Are you planning to install special lighting fixtures in designated zones? You could also consider upgrading your power sockets with modern features like ports where USB cables can be plugged directly. This can create some dedicated charging stations for your devices.

Modern lighting upgrades

Lighting defines the look and feel of a space, but you also want it to be adaptable to set the right tone throughout the day. For example, soft lighting at particular points of a room is perfect in the evening, but you may want extra visibility during the day while working or cooking. Use your home renovation to make your home’s lighting design work for you. A good lighting contractor will offer a variety of solutions, including garden lighting and energy-efficient LED options. They may also be able to integrate some of your AV systems with bespoke lighting.

Safety & security features

A property renovation is a good time to assess your home’s safety and security features. Electrical upgrades to consider include access control (like doorbells and intercoms), electric gates on driveways (rather than manually-operated ones), security lighting, wireless fire alarms and intruder alarms. You may also want some of these features integrated with your smart home controls, allowing you to manage your home’s access and security from a smartphone or tablet.

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