When planning lighting installations and repairs at your property, you probably have lots of questions about the possibilities on offer and what to expect. Whether you’re designing new lighting for your home or booking some much-needed upgrades at your business premises, read our handy guide.

Here are our lighting FAQs answered.

Do I need new lighting?

There are various signs you need to upgrade your existing lighting. For example, perhaps you’re planning renovation work or a property extension, so you want to ensure any increased power demands are met. You can also use new lighting to improve the functionality of your spaces, improve your home’s energy efficiency and create modern looks.

Why is lighting important?

While all your lighting should be safe and practical, it comes with many other benefits, controlling the ambience of your spaces to provide better visibility and zonal living. It’s an essential part of every room in the home.

How do I choose new lights for my property?

Do you want your lights to make a statement? What tasks could be made easier by good lighting? What mood do you want to create in each room at different times of the day and night? Lighting designs should differ between spaces, depending on the size of the room, its various uses and what you want to achieve.

What are current lighting trends?

Lighting design possibilities are forever changing. By working with an electrical expert, find out more about the latest lighting trends, creating the aesthetics and functionality you want in every space.

Can you supply and install outdoor lighting?

As well as interior solutions, our outdoor lighting transformations are popular with clients. We can design, supply and install outside and garden lighting in many forms, from floodlights and walkway lighting to uplights and downlights for dramatic effects in different zones.

Can you fix broken lights?

Yes. If you've discovered faulty lighting at your property, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We perform professional lighting repairs and replacements, quickly getting your lights back in good working order.

How do you design new lighting?

We work closely with our clients to design your lighting, creating the perfect scheme in each space. Topics we'll cover during consultations and surveys include room dimensions and layouts, the different functionalities required and your preferred design style.

What different light fixtures are there?

During your lighting consultation, we'll talk you through some of the best solutions based on our discussions and assessment of your spaces. There are endless options to consider, including LED lights, pendants, sconces, chandeliers, recessed downlights, ceiling lamps, accent lighting, decorative lights, cabinet lighting, strip lighting, statement lighting, kitchen wall lights, outdoor and garden lights, plus much more.

Do I need an electrician to install new lighting?

Hiring a professional lighting contractor saves you time and stress by ensuring everything is installed correctly, including appropriate ceiling and wall support, safe wiring and quality fittings.

How much does new lighting cost?

The best way to discover lighting installation prices in London and Surrey is to request a bespoke quote from our team. Contact us now to get started.