Properties can experience many different electrical issues, whether it’s faulty wiring from overloaded systems or power sockets that no longer work as they should. Whatever the concern, if you plan on selling your property, it’s important to rectify any issues to ensure they don’t cause problems further down the line. Any electrical safety concerns could even cause the most committed buyers to think twice about their decision to invest.

Here are some electrical issues you should fix before entering the house sale process.

Out-of-date property wiring

Does your property have an old wiring system? It could make the property more at risk of electrical fires and power failures. This could put off potential buyers if they know they will have to consider costly upgrades, and this is exactly the sort of thing someone like an experienced surveyor or landlord will be checking as part of the house sale process.

If your property’s electrical system isn’t up to scratch, it may be time for a rewire. This will replace your current wiring with a safer system that can meet the increasing demands of modern living and all the devices a household needs. A looming house sale may even be the perfect time to prepare your property for a rewire, especially if it will be vacant during the process or is undergoing a renovation.

Inadequate power sockets

There’s nothing worse than trying to find a power outlet in a room, only to find just one or two available. It often means using bulky extension leads throughout every space, which looks unsightly and adds extra pressure to the home’s electrical system.

You may also find your existing electrical sockets don’t have the best layout in each room. They should be placed where they’re convenient for their intended use, such as in the kitchen space where a fridge will sit, in easy-to-reach points on counters and where bedside tables naturally fit. You could also consider some special sockets like those for USB plugs, appealing to anyone looking for modern fixtures and fittings in a highly functional home.

Broken light fixtures

Do you have electrical issues like broken light fixtures that you’ve been meaning to get repaired but have sat unaddressed for months? Before a house sale, it’s important to get them fixed, or house viewers will mentally rack up jobs on their to-do lists when considering whether to buy your property. Lighting issues may also prevent you from showcasing your property in the best way if there are poorly lit areas.

Loose or broken light fittings not only look unwelcoming, but they can be dangerous too. Therefore, you should rectify the issue to prevent electrical shocks, fires and burns to those already occupying the property.

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