A home’s lighting can define the look and ambience of each room, making the difference between bright, practical spaces and warm, cosy areas to relax. However, many property owners put up with the same lighting they’ve had in their home for years, so your fixtures and fittings may no longer work for you and your family in the best way they could.

Here are some great reasons to upgrade your lighting this year.

Replace outdated lighting

Are your lighting features starting to look outdated? Many property owners take the leap and install new lighting when they want to give their rooms an uplift or as part of a home renovation project.

As well as the types of bulbs used, the shape and style of lighting fixtures can define the look of a room, whether you want contemporary downlights or a grand focal point.

Some people even decide to upgrade after experiencing electrical faults in their property that require rewiring services.

Home office lighting

With a move towards working from home, many people now consider their property as a second office away from the workplace, so it’s vital you have adequate lighting to create optimal conditions for each task.

New lighting can instantly change the feel of a room, so if you’ve set up a study to work in, you’ll need to make sure the lighting is suitable to help you remain productive.

Get energy-efficient lighting

Many of us are looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption, so if you’d like to change your existing installations to something more energy-efficient, get in touch with a lighting expert for more advice.

One of the most popular options is switching to LED lighting, which works much more efficiently than traditional bulbs.

Lighting for property extensions

Are you planning a home extension? Don’t forget about any new lighting required, complementing natural sunlight coming into the room while ensuring the tone of each space is as you want it.

For example, if you’re building a kitchen extension, you may want additional lighting installed underneath cabinets above the worktops. Or, if you’re creating a cosy nook for relaxing in and entertaining others, you may want to seek professional advice about creating the perfect ambience with dimmable lighting.

Beautiful garden lighting

Gardens are often one of the most enjoyable spaces for property owners to spend time in, and you can ensure your evenings aren’t cut short by the sun going down with beautiful garden lighting that illuminates the right spots.

You can also use lighting as a superb home security feature at the front and back of your property, deterring potential intruders and helping you feel safer.

Get a free consultation with a lighting expert

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