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Commercial condition reports and electrical testing in Cheam, Surrey

Call our fast, friendly, and reliable electricians for all electrical safety testing and audits in Cheam, Stoneleigh,and Sutton. We are a small team of NICEIC-approved electrical contractors working throughout Surrey and London who can complete a wide range of electrical services, including rewiring, fuse board upgrades, lighting installations and repairs, and emergency repairs.

Every building needs electricity. This is the power behind our lighting, heating, entertainment, and many other services. Our electrical systems need to be fully functioning and in a safe, working condition. We make it our number one priority to ensure that our customers’ electrical systems are switched on and safe. From small jobs like additional sockets to full rewiring, our electricians can complete jobs of all sizes.

Local electricians serving Cheam

We also offer a comprehensive electrical testing service, so we can inspect and test your electrical installation to ensure that you are safe from electrical hazards. We strongly recommend that homeowners complete regular Electrical Installation Condition Reports. Commercial companies or businesses and landlords are legally obliged to have their electrical installations tests at regular intervals.

These periodic inspections have many names, including:

  • EICRs
  • Domestic electrical safety reports
  • Commercial condition reports
  • Electrical certification
  • Electrical safety audits
  • Fixed wire tests for flats, houses & offices
  • Periodic Inspection Reports

If you have electrical testing or other work that you need to be completed, call us now on 020 8395 5990 or 07957 964 088.


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EICR prices in Cheam

Electrical inspection reports near Stoneleigh

Our comprehensive range of electrical testing services in Stoneleigh and Cheam will give you peace of mind. From compulsory testing for commercial properties through to tests to identify inefficient parts, we can help you ensure that your property is safe from the risk of fire or electric shocks.

An EICR for both domestic or commercial premises is like a car MOT for your electrical installation and is a comprehensive check of all the fixed wiring. This test involves examining all the electrical installations and circuits in your building. Alongside obvious visual elements, it assesses the underlying system, including the fuse board or consumer unit, wiring, and earthing and bonding.

An EICR is actually the formal document that is produced following the assessment of the electrical installation. If a problem is found that poses an immediate danger, then we can carry out immediate repairs to ensure it is safe. If a full repair cannot be made on the day, we will ensure the system is made safe until it can be fully repaired.

Other codes include C2, which requires urgent remedial action and C3, which means improvement is recommended. The observation code F1 refers to ‘further investigation required without delay’, and means that our engineer has observed something whilst carrying out the testing, such as the emergency lights being dim. This may not be covered in the report, so it is listed separately as F1.

SM2 Electrical condition reports for landlords

We offer EICRs for landlords in Cheam to ensure that they comply with legal duties ensuring their properties are safe for tenants. Regulations apply to all properties across the private rental sector, including houses of multiple occupation (HMOs). If landlords do not follow these legal guidelines, they can be prosecuted.

Other frequencies between EICRS are:

  • Owner-occupied homes every 10 years
  • Commercial and retail buildings every five years
  • Industrial buildings every three years
  • Educational facilities, such as schools, universities and colleges, every five years
  • Leisure facilities, such as theatres, every three years
  • Private or commercial rental properties every five years or with each change of tenancy
  • Construction sites every six months
Periodic inspection in Cheam

We service the following areas :-

  • Old Malden
  • West Sutton
  • Ewell
  • Rose Hill
  • Morden

For NICEIC-approved electrical testing in Cheam, call the DTEEC team for a quote

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What is an EICR and who needs one?

An EICR is a thorough assessment of any electrical installation and is needed for homes, businesses, and rental properties in Cheam. It is not a legal requirement in itself but many legal documents reference this as a way of satisfying their requirements. EICRs are a key part of electrical safety and they must always be completed by qualified electrical contractors.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports for Homeowners locally


It is recommended that homeowners in Cheam get an EICR completed every 10 years, or sooner (depending on any recommendation from an electrician). It is important to note that if you are moving property, you have a complete survey of the electrics done for your new home, so you know they are safe and that you will not be left with expensive electrical bills when you move.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports for Rental Properties

Rental Properties

Under the Landlord and Tenants Act (1985) it is essential that any Stoneleigh electrical installation in a rental property is kept a safe condition throughout a tenancy. It is therefore recommended that an EICR is carried out at least every five years or with each change of tenancy

Electrical Installation Condition Reports for Businesses


Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989), it is an employer’s responsibility to keep their employees safe and precautions must be taken to prevent the risk of injury from electricity. For most commercial properties in SM2, it is recommended that an EICR should be carried out at least every five years.



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Minimum charge 1 hour
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Minimum charge 1 hour
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