If you’re installing new electrics at your property, you may have come across the term ‘first fix electrics’, but what does this actually mean?

With homes and businesses needing power more than ever, thanks to increasing technological demands, good electrical maintenance is vital. Whether it’s ensuring your wiring remains up to scratch or scheduling an up-to-date EICR, there are lots of things you can do to keep your electrics in a safe working condition.

If undertaking a project such as rewiring your property, you’ll need to consider the first and second fix electrics required. Here’s everything you need to know.

What does first fix electrics mean?

So, what are first fix electrics? If you’re bringing your electrical installations or wiring up to scratch, in-depth work may be needed. First fix electrical installations include new wiring, circuits or cables, often replacing existing systems.

During building work or a house rewire, first fix stages occur when an electrical contractor installs the bare bones of the system before plasterwork is completed. This will lay the foundations of the electrical system in each space before other components are added later in the process. For a comprehensive renovation, this may even need completing in conjunction with other first fix requirements, such as plumbing and heating systems.

What happens during first fix electrical installations?

Because first fix electrics are hidden, it’s often a complex job if carried out as part of a property rewire.

This phase can include drilling holes in walls and ceilings or lifting floorboards. As well as new circuits, other elements like back boxes for additional light switches and power sockets may be required. Other installations to consider during the first fix electrics stage include in-built doorbells, internet, access control, fire alarms, intruder alarms and telephone sockets.

A lot of preparation goes into this type of electrical work so that contractors can carry out their tasks as easily as possible while ensuring your new electrical layout works for you. Once the first fix electrics are completed, plastering work can begin to repair holes and prepare the area for second fix electrical work.

What are second fix electrics?

Second fix electrics are the visual components we use, such as sockets and switches. These will be fitted once internal surfaces are built and plastering work is finished. They add the final touches to a renovated space, making it as functional and practical as possible.

Second fix electrical installations include power sockets, light fittings and in-built appliances (such as electric showers or ovens). They will all need connecting to the cables fitted during the first fix phase.

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